About Jennifer Stone


A Communications Expert

For over thirty years, I have worked in the field of Motivation, Communications and Collaboration. Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, I founded a company called Goals Groups International to teach people how to create small groups where everyone in the group helps each other achieve their goals.

One of my insights from working with goals groups is that people -- even with the support of others -- were held back, and many times repeated the same behavior. There’s always an unconscious pattern, habit, or belief system slowing people down or getting in the way of desired changes. Your subconscious is THE key to getting past your past so you can get on with it already and live your best life.

In addition to my hypnotherapy practice I am an author, adjunct professor, corporate communication consultant, and a knowledge management specialist.

I experienced hypnosis for the first time when I went in search of a way to calm my nerves prior to a surgery needed to correct the errors of two previous surgeons. Talk therapy had backfired. It only made me more anxious. This left me a little bit desperate for relief. I knew that my fears and anxieties would naturally lead to elevated stress hormone levels. I knew that the elevated cortisol and adrenaline would impact my body’s response to anesthesia and its ability to heal afterwards. The anti-anxiety medications my doctor had prescribed provided a temporary fix, at best, and came with troubling side-effects. Since all conventional methods had failed me, I contacted a local hypnotherapist and tried hypnosis. The experience gave me a glimpse of what was possible when I collaborated with my own mind. I found a source of peace that amazed me. Inside of my mind was a powerful reservoir of calm that I was able to tap into before, during and after the surgery.

No drug could have given me as much relief as the power of my own mind. Hypnosis was like a key that turned a lock and opened a portal to a part of my mind that I had not been aware of. 

At that point, my life was about to change in a most incredible way. Curious about how and why hypnosis actually works, I began reading widely in the field and came across the work of Dr. Bertrand Piccard who is one of the greatest aviators in the world. Piccard was looking for a way of solving the problem of sleep deprivation during his balloon expeditions. He found that hypnosis is not just a way of dealing with stress, fatigue and time taken to fall asleep, but more than that a genuine therapeutic procedure, centered on the use of inner resources.” 



“Jennifer has a jam-packed toolbox of approaches, not just hypnosis. She gets to know you and she approaches her work with honesty and integrity.”
- Mark Thompson

My hypnotherapy training began several years ago with world-renowned Marisa Peer, described as Britain’s Best Therapist. Marisa was mentored by Gil Boyne, a master hypnotist who ranks with Milton Erickson as one of the giants in the field. 

The method she developed is called Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT). It is a form of hypnotherapy that enables the hypnotherapist to get to the root cause of an issue very quickly and then address unfinished business that clients have been holding on for years. Using a technique called "regression," we are able to explore the subconscious scripts that have been running in the background. Then we reframe the meaning of events, and create more powerfully positive scripts to reinforce the changes that my clients want to make.

Often times RTT™ is the right approach. Identities shift, old beliefs disappear, symptoms resolve, and clients are amazed by the changes they feel.

However, each client is unique. So, in addition to RTT™, I use a wide variety of tools and approaches.

- Mindscaping
Created by Mike Mandel, it uses aspects of Time Line Therapy™, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP submodality shifts, and Jungian symbolism and archetype theory.

- The Arrow Technique
Freddy Jacquin developed The Arrow to provide immediate relief from physical and emotional pain. It is the cornerstone of most of my hypnotherapy work.

-  Integrative Hypnosis
The Melisa Tiers approach to hypnotherapy uses the latest research in neuroscience, mind/body medicine and unconscious processing.

- Solution-Based Hypnosis
I had the wonderful opportunity to study with Don Mottin. He is the vice president of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Don helped create many modern hypnosis methods. He has been teaching pain control for many years and literally wrote the training book on it.

My clients are looking for solutions to be effective, lasting, and immediate. Because I have a wide repertoire of tools, I'm able to provide the very best and achieve outstanding results.



  • B.S       Northwestern University
  • M.A      Purdue University
  • Ph.D    University of Colorado

C. Hyp  The Marisa Peer School

Professional Memberships
American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (AAPH)

American Hypnosis Association (AHA)

National Guild of Hypnotherapists (NGH)

Additional Qualifications
My practice is guided by strict ethical guidelines set out by the AAPH and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

I receive Continuing Professional Development through the Marisa Peer School, and pursue for-credit continuing education coursework through AAPH and ACHE.

I maintain Professional Liability insurance.